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I’ve only used them (Clarity Cap) in @chelseadave’s SIT amp, but never compared them to electrolytics, so can’t say what they contributed. I have wanted to build a phono with them, but haven’t got round to it. I did try to use Clarity Caps for @Kevin’s BTJ 3000, but ended up going with AN Kaisei.


I’m trying to un faff my vinyl playback so I have knocked up a quickie.
Comprises: DIY hifi supply Bearing and Platter - Magnetic upgrade, Pro-Ject arm , Verus rim drive and Ortofon 2m Blue all on a birch ply plinth.
I need to find some matching cap head screws for cart and a duster.

It seems to work ok with no hum at all. Very pleased with the arm phono outs - Managed to fit the leads onto the arm mount so arm can be easily removed for use elsewhere.
I also have a rega motor and sub platter planning on making a plinth for that as well -


Been making something to support the mid and up horns, that’s a bit more solid and yet flexible…


Did you want it to be flexible?

In terms of moving things up and down, yes!

Lol, I thought you meant the frame was flexible :grinning:

You fell right into my linguistic trap


You should post this in @BobC’s wood working thread.


Needs a new thread,

What I made after a trip to B&Q :ok_hand:


A bit like mine🤣! At least mine was intended to be temporary until I got it sorted and then I would do something more aesthetically pleasing!
Having said that I can’t be arsed to tart it up and would rather just listen to it.

When coated in Bitumen it will look just the part.






There’s now lots of flexibility about moving the units up and down (I think that the lower mids were too close to the floor before), it’s more solid and it’s easier to keep the drivers in an exact place, useful for time alignment.

Next I need to model a system for mounting the 2405s. Then there’s nothing to get in the way of creating a 250Hz horn for the 2441s… Apart from the realisation of how much PLA it will use and how long it will take to print!


You seem to have some flexibility with regard to the height of the drivers but I would have thought that for time alignment you would need flexibility forwards and backwards.

Perhaps you could incorporate some B&Q sliding drawer systems to help?

And design in the motorised element you will obviously desire. Not that I understand anything on this 1534 post thread.

A stepper motor would be a great idea. No wait… Terrible. It would be a terrible idea.

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Not hifi but this is my latest DIY build.

I have always fancied taking some star photos by stacking images but never got around to it. Today my first steps - I have started to build myself a “barn door star tracker”. Loosely it functions so that is good , but I need to sort out motor speed adjustments - Most likely using a raspberry pi pico. As I know nothing about RP’s so it could be some fun.


… if only there were someone on the forum … :grin:

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It’s going to be slow but I have started on the learning. Soldered the 40 header pins to the PCB and then programmed it to blink a led at me. The soldering went ok (I think).
Next up playing with a breadboard and a motor drive board (once they arrive).
I also managed to create a 3d model of a component on Onshape for the tracker which is currently being printed on a £16K 3d printer by FOL1 BF


More to follow in the quest to lower the noise floor. This simple mod works a treat.