DIY - SIT amps

For Sale
Amps are very low power so high efficiency speakers required.
Lots of foo components AN silver resistors - Mundorf caps ,silver wiring ,CLC power supply will come with a pair of Sjostrom DCT03 DC filters which I definitely think help with sonics and the dreaded toroidal hum.
Got lots of build pics if required.
Oh you’ll also get a spare pair of the original SIT 2SK82 KD33 transistors .
Dare I say they’ve also got AMR gold input fuses :shushing_face:

had lots of help with the original build from Pete when on WigWam


Someone wants the speakers locally so withdrawn

Open to offers and happy to loan out for demoing if you’re local to Southampton

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Faintly baffled that these are hanging-around TBH - look superb.


DC filters one per amp maybe overkill



No such thing as overkill! Worth doubling-up to ensure you’ve got plenty of current overhead.

I’d take a decent low compliance cart in p/x - SPU Royal N would be nice

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