DIY ultrasonic vinyl cleaner


To be honest just some good sketches with dimensions etc would be fine, I can draw it up in cad.


The ultrasonic has done good work this week. It cleans very well. I’ve stuck to doing one at a time for the time being.

I’ve found that the bath temp monitor is pretty accurate, I keep checking with a milk thermometer. I think 40 degmight be a touch too warm and I don’t want to warp any records so I’ve set temp at 35 deg and I’ve been happy with the results so far.

got some thoughts on mkii to make it more secure and look prettier.


Just picked my ultrasonic cleaner up from the post orifice.:grinning:


That’s gotta smart. You know most people just cut a slot in their door, right?


just about the only circumstance where I’d prefer the Cd…:grimacing:


Moar betterer.


What are your plans?
I’ve just done sketch’s of Mkii design.


We have one at work,might try it with different solvents when i get the time.


Pretty much the same as yours, I think. I need to have a rummage as I’ve got a few motors that might work somewhere. Had been thinking in terms of using the record clamp from a Disco Antistat as that keeps the label nice and dry.
I think I’ve bought the same cleaning bath as you, although I’ll take a closer look at it later.
Would be interested in the sketches, as it would avoid re-inventing the wheel, and especially if a CNC’d product were to be available from ed9000 in exchange for a few beer tokens.:grinning:


I considered using the disco antistat clamp as I have a couple, but couldn’t come up with a satisfactory solution to mount it. So I’ll interested what you come up with.

Got a few measurements to make to finish up with mkii design, I’ll let you have a look once it is operational, I’m sure Edd could double up on the parts if you like it. (He likes whiskey btw).



I’ll have to order one as well. Looking at spiders original the cnc will knock something like that out in 10 mins so no problem if anyone wants one.


Thanks both. I’ll keep you posted. :+1:


The mkii design will not be complex it will just make it a bit more stable and look a bit neater. I’m also planning to add a hobby box to house the motor and add a on and off switch.
Still reckon Edd’s CNC will cut it all out in only a few minutes.


This is how I approach a lot of my leisure time :+1:


Well, the ultrasonic cleaner turned up and it looks identical to yours, @Spider. Currently trolling round the house looking for things to try it out on.:grinning:

Didn’t anticipate how noisy it’d be in operation. Sounds like a skeleton pleasuring himself inside a biscuit tin! :open_mouth:


It does make some noise but think how nice that clean vinyl will sound. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s a shame you can’t listen to music while cleaning :unamused:


It’s not that loud. I use it in another room while listening to what I’ve just cleaned.


@Edd9000 has the drawings for mkii and has them all CAD prepared and programmed ready to cut a set of the mkii design.
I have sourced a couple of plastic boxes to house the motor and a on/off switch. We are aiming to have this working by the end of the month.
Fingers crossed it will be a bit prettier with the motor hidden from view and work well with most commercially available baths (or at least the ones I’ve seen so far).
All being well a cost effective way of trying ultrasonic cleaning for your vinyl.


I heard the results of a record cleaned in this on Saturday, it was very impressive indeed, lovely and quiet :+1: