DIY ultrasonic vinyl cleaner


Worked on the enclosure for the motor today. Everything nice and tidy now. Shown here mounted on test rig. @Edd9000 is doing his thing on the mkii prototype parts soon. Will post an update once the mkii is operational.

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10p switch :smile: I trust that it is waterproof! Probably not a big issue, but better safe than sorry.


On and off!

Serious professionalism there :grinning:


I’ll look into this. Might be a good idea.


No worries, just that it appears to be in a prime spot to get dripped on.


What about a little BLUE led that lights up when it’s on :sunglasses:


Like this?


You should go all Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and have a black control panel, with black buttons labelled in black which light up black so you know you’ve pressed them :+1:


Could you suggest a suitable 12v switch.
Would mounting it underneath the box be a better option?



What voltage is it switching (I saw mention of a 12VDC motor further back) ? How does the grounding (if required) work ?



Anything IP65 rated, tbh. Just spotted that it’s 12V, ok, less of a safety issue, but still could cause reliability problems.


@Valvebloke not sure grounding is required. The motor just has two tags, solder wires on attach 12v motor plug into wall wart using socket supplied with it. And it goes round. :+1:

@coco are there any water proof switches which light up when on. It would look nicererer, if it had a pretty light.



As Edd posted, or take your pick:


Pete’s obsessed with 10p switches and blue lights :laughing:


As long as the wall wart is reliably Class II then it probaby isn’t required. But if there’s any suspicion that a fault there could connect the 12V side of the supply to the mains wiring then there could be a requirement for safety grounding. If it were me I’d want to be sure of the wall wart.



You could also get a switch like the one you have with the rubber covers.
As per the Loricraft rcm.


Forget safety, you need style.