DIY ultrasonic vinyl cleaner


Nearly four hundred quid for a motor.



Do you prefer this one?



Way over priced.


Mine will be a lot cheaper than that.
Be patient mkii will be operational soon.


I’m very interested.


Will be it be gold plated and have lots of shiny knobs?


Yes it needs gold knobs, they put a distracting sheen on an otherwise average component :smile:


Could I ask - have any of you tried cleaning more than one record at a time in the US bath? I’ve seen machines advertised that clean up to 8 at a time on one spindle. At what point does cleaning performance fall/stop?




Put me on that waiting list please


Sir. A man’s gold plating and knob shining are for the privacy of his bed chamber alone.


There are differing opinions on this but I feel doing several at a time reduces the cavitation effect, depending on how many are being done at once and how close together they are.
My own opinion is do one at a time get it really clean, and then I know it is as good as I can get it.
It would be easy to do two or three at the same time just by adding more spacers on the spindle.
Hope that helps.


I’ve got a Loricraft machine which works very well, it’s just rather time-consuming. I’d love to find a way to clean several LPs simultaneously, especially if you could just press a button to start the process, nip off for a cup of tea & come back in 5 mins to find them ready. Looks as though that day hasn’t come yet…


I intend I use the Lori for the dirty buggers and the ultrasonic for the dusty.
That way you put clean records into the bath and don’t foul it quickly. Get the fine stuff out.

Not sure one replaces the other. And I suspect I’ll be drying them on the Lori after the bath?


Yep it’s a brilliant way of deep cleaning your records but its not a multi record cleaning super solution.


Ey up
Mkii is now in operation.
Lovely solid parts CNC cut by @Edd9000 who has made a lovely job of the parts.
It works lovely. I have learned a couple of things while building it, so there will be a few tweeks to get it spot on but it turned out well I think.
What do you think?

image ru#


Will be cutting off m4 bolts to length to avoid scratching any records if anyone is wondering. As I said a few more tweeks needed and that is one of the jobs to do.


Great work from both of you.

I like :+1:


Looking forward to the final version and I can see one of these in my future…

Thanks for doing the hard graft so we can jump in at the end😏


Great piece of butchery there @Spider :+1:


This :grin: