DIY ultrasonic vinyl cleaner


Looks impressively serious for vinyl cleaning duties

Any plans o fit a Hoover to vacuum or a paint pad to clean in one go


I use a vacuum after it comes out of ultrasonic to remove the excess fluid. (Which isn’t a lot).
It doesn’t need a scrubbing pad the ultrasonic cavitation does all the work.
I’m not sure I could add a drying fan or vacuum and make it cost effective. At this point I’m still perfecting this part of the project.


Looking good :+1:


Triffic! :grinning:


That looks absolutely excellent!


Any update on this please?


Hi Guys
A few people have seen it now at a couple of bake offs and the reaction has been very positive.
I am just making one or two improvements to the design and then with @edd9000’s help we will be able to make some for interested parties.
If you are interested in owning one send me a PM.
Hope that helps.


PM incoming.:+1:


Anything I have anything to do with isn’t going to happen with any speed :smiley:


Yeah guys you’ll need a bit of patience as there is usually a que for Edd’s help with parts and projects.


I’m keen no rush at all


A couple more tweaks.
Refitted shorter screws in saddles so no chance of catching records on the ends of the screws.
Made a motor mounting box out of a white box to better match the white plastic.

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Got mine up and running today, it does seem to work well. Thanks Tim.

Just need to try it out on my copy of the Blade Runner 2049 OST @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion :wink:



Gah! Dammit! Why can’t you be more forgetful! I’d better pop-over, albeit I’m fairly (unexpectedly) busy this week! Thursday?


Thursday sounds good :smile:


Demo at the Ship I assume?


Edd’s a smart lad, he knows where to find me :sunglasses:


Tbf, we’d all know where to find you! :laughing:


Fucker! :angry:


First set of 5 under way on the CNC machine.