DIY ultrasonic vinyl cleaner


Well that doesn’t look much like a record cleaner, you having a giraffe.


Don’t look at me, @spider does the buildy bit. Which should be easier with the jigs we made.


Ahh that’s the magic bit, making it into the Velvet Vortex record cleaning machine, :grinning:


Worst jigsaw-puzzle EVER.


No 14 says nope.


Ooof! :poop::poop::poop:


Got to be wedding list material… :+1:


First Velvet Vortex Ultrasonic bath picked up today. Nice to meet another vinyl enthusiast. The velvet vortex RCM is his first foray into cleaning vinyl with a RCM. The Velvet Vortex should do the job for him.



What will happen if it doesn’t? I feel this journey should be blogged.


Today I have making Velvet Vortex Ultrasonic Record cleaning Machines for those of you out there who have asked me to make one for you.
The first has gone out and three of these are spoken for.
All lined up they are quite handsome don’t you think.


Amazing stuff.

They look as good, if not better, than most of the well-known brands. Love the industrial look of them :heart_eyes:

Can I ask how much they are ?


I think it is best not to discuss price openly on the forum, as I’m not a dealer just a hobbyist making a few for guys on the forums.
If anyone is interested just PM me.


If you need to ask, sir…

Great work - these look fab :+1:


Understood Tim - thanks.


I’ve sent you a message for your information since you asked about price. :grinning:


Likey shiny thing :+1:


Many thanks Tim for my velvet vortex

Cleaned a few records this weekend and it’s a breeze to use and gets fab results

Pretty much the ideal cleaner for me as it’s 1 minute to set off then leave it and return in 15 mins to put another batch in.

Don’t be put off by Tim’s hobbyist claims, it’s an impressive set up and works really well

Thanks Tim

But wth confidence at a fraction of a commercial unit price


How many records are you doing at a time?


I’ve been doing 3 in mine with the aid of some spacers.


Once my spare room is done, one of these will be in it!
Right now I’m banned. The loricraft is on the dining table already!