DIY ultrasonic vinyl cleaner


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3 at a time is comfortable

I did a few singles then tried a double couldn’t tell the difference on the double

Need to start a thread about recipes for the cleaning fluid next, just got a teaspoon of photoblo and distilled water for now


Any thoughts on how often you will need to change the fluid?


Hi Mick
It depends how dirty the vinyl is, but I’ve done over 100 with my bath so far and it’s just about ready the think about fresh fluid.


That’s good, expecting a lot less.


I supply a filter with the Vevet Vortex. So when you empty it you can filter the fluid to get out all the bits of crud and dirt to clean ready for next batch.


Bear in mind a significant proportion of what’s removed is dissolved not suspended - mould-release wax, fingerprint oil etc. I’d not re-use too many times. And if anyone’s using volatiles like propanol in the mix - that evaporates away pretty quickly.


The fluid gets to a point where you can see its not clear anymore that’s when I think it is best to replace it. That depends on how dirty the vinyl has been that you’ve been cleaning. Mrs Maureen is right alcohol does evaporate off quite quickly that is why I only use a very weak solution on really dirty vinyl because it evaporates if too strong.
As people use them I’m sure a few recipes for the fluids can be shared between Velvet Vortex users.


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