DIY ultrasonic vinyl cleaner


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More like a bit of millstone grit inlaid into it.


Did you drop it on the drive then? :grinning:


Feedback from one the first baths that went out a few weeks ago.

“I’ve been using my Velvet Vortex for over a week now.

Simple to use, I prefer to clean one LP at a time rather than load up with 2 or 3.

Results have been excellent with distilled/deionised water and a little wetting agent.

I now plan try some different cleaning fluid as there are a number of suggestions in numerous forums on the Internet.

Further updates will follow once I have some results with different cleaning fluids.”


Next set of parts built up today.
Motors to add and this lot will be going to the next lucky owners soon.
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I’ve finally got my arse into gear and bought the wetting agent and alcohol. Now just need to work out the mix and I’m off.

The garden and Jacks new house move has taken its toll since you sent it over.


Had my first trial run. I have a mono Beatles Rubber Soul that I had cleaned on the Moth and then classed as scrap. It had a solid lump on the outer edge that was either toffee or maybe some form of resin :thinking:

Here’s a picture after the Moth clean.

I decided as a dummy run to just use tap water, a bit of wetting agent, some fairy liquid and a touch of alcohol. (I have always been a cheap date). I figured if this worked I could do a proper mix and go from there. First pass, heated to 30 degrees, set it for 15 min and set it off. Rest of album looked good but the lump was untouched. While it was running the actual temp went up to 36 degrees.

Next effort was to focus on the lump. I turned off the motor and ran the ultrasonic clean stationary for 40 minutes. Here’s the result. Massive improvement.

The mix was proper cloudy so good job but the album didn’t warp even though the actual temp went up to 38 degrees.

I haven’t had the bottle yet to play it as the Cadenza Black is a tad expensive and i don’t want cross contamination if it is still dirty inside the grove. Maybe tomorrow???


Glad it’s done a good job on difficult to move debris. Don’t worry about temp until it gets above 42deg. Once at 42 let it cool a down a bit.
The cavitation effect does warm the fluid so that is normal to see.
Hope it plays well when you dare try it. :+1:


Bit more than difficult debris, the picture didn’t do it justice - it was solid 1 mm high in places. When I emptied the bowl today it was thick cloud when shaken. Massive amount of crud had been taken off.

I am really impressed and looking at mixture options at the moment.


Looking forward to my finished man cave as this is the last gadget on my list.

For now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Steve, if you want to borrow mine for a while or bring over some problem albums to try out let me know, I think you will be sold.


I’m sold. I just need a spot to put it as the wife is less than happy at my loricraft on the dining room table! I think the combination will resolve most issues.

I have a room that needs skirting and some woodwork, paint and a carpet. Then it’s my space… had a new floor this year due to some leaks and being left for 6 years since we moved in!
As for the offer I’ll be having a bake-off (social) when the new amp is here and I have a working system again. Maybe then…



Any chance there will be a vortex vac dry to accompany the ultrasonic?
I do believe in ultrasonic cleaning but I have an issue with air drying (with any form of record cleaning.)

The reason for this concern can be noted if you take a drop of fluid from the bath once it has cleaned a few records and place it on a mirror. allowing the droplet to dry if there is remaining salts / lime / gunk (Likely nicotine tar) / staining / anything, this will be what is left to dry in the grooves with air drying.


Clean water rinse ?



Possibly if you changed the water (time consuming) or had a separate unit for distilled water… this would contaminate fairly quickly and be costly to perform.


use a Karcher, I am sure they have an attachment to rinse


a bowl of deionised water, hand turned slowly??


it would still need to be dried - using a microfibre towel perhaps?


Could do, or just stand in a rack and allow to air dry


The Knosti bath and its integrated stand could come in handy for rinsing, however there’s already users with vac cleaners that are using both.

FWIW, I use 2 Knosti’s to wash and rinse, there’s a big difference how the water rolls off with fresh distilled water.


One of the most common and stubborn shits to deal with is cigarette tar. It is not water soluble.
There are drawbacks from Wet vac cleaning too in so far as you clean a record one side and place it onto the cleaners dirty platter mat to clean the other side - There are ways round this of course, paper disks or clean mats etc. Water rinsing is OK, but water does not get to the bottom of the grooves without a wetting agent. I’m being nit picky here (Put a drop of water on a record and it will sit there as a droplet)

I read a review once (VPI vs OKKI Nokki) and the guy said "I cleaned the record on the okki nokki then I played it and it was improved, I then cleaned it on the VPI and it sounded much better - 10 points Sherlock you cleaned it twice!