DIY ultrasonic vinyl cleaner


I always do two wettings/scrubbings/extractions on the Loricraft. The first with the cleaner (Art du Son or similar), then with RO water to rinse.


I might look at a Velvet Vortex drying solution in the future but not enough time to look into that just now.

I have not had major issues with air drying and will be making a Velvet Vortex drying rack soon and other accessories to help when using the cleaner.

There are some vac solutions with platters smaller than record labels to help eliminate cross contamination the Karcher window vac idea could work but I’ve not had a chance to try that. It would need something to protect the surface of the record before it would be effective.

Rinsing is good to do and definitely has its benefits.


I have in mind a cheapo aldi drill and put the carbon rod into the chuck and spin it in a bucket when it comes off - would that be better than a hoover set up as not touched by anything and cenrtripetal force doing the work - also fits nicely with the VV approach as record already mounted and ready to spin


Just played the Rubber Soul record that I had previously written off. It sailed straight through the area where there had previously been thick gunk, and as I said before this was a solid piece you could easily feel running your finger over and about 3" long by 1" deep. Still loads of crackles but then I only cleaned it using tap water, a splash of wetting agent, some alcohol and a squirt of fairy then just left it to dry.

Now to work out the correct solution - any experience yet? It must be a different mix from that used on cleaners like the moth as the cleaning process is completely different.


Any idea what the gunk was Mick? 50 yr old jizz?

Some record libraries recommend a solution using something called Tergitol, which is pretty difficult to get hold of in domestic quantities over here.


Try soaking the area in warm water with a pinch of bio wash powder?
Not sure how it is on plastics though!? Great for food in pans!



No idea to be fair but there is a strong possibility resin of a Moroccan origin was involved - it was a reddish brown colour :thinking:

I have seen Tergitol mentioned - currently using a wetting agent suggested by Tim @Spider

My concern is the mix. Most refer to spinning cleaners / vacuum devices which you layer a little on rather than a bath that could froth up! Also, the former can be made in small quantities whereas the Ultrasonic uses nearly 5 litres which needs to be stored - often you will only want to clean a couple of records.

Getting the right mix, rinse and drying routine will provide a really great result in my opinion. I’m lucky in that I’ve already got the Moth to give the rinse and dry.


Must be a fucking big moth and well trained :wink:


Another few Velvet Vortex have gone out over the last week or two.
Feedback has been good.
I still have one or two available if people want to buy one.


Can anyone recommend a solution mixture yet? I’ve bought the distilled water, isopropyl alcohol (99.9% allegedly) and wetting agent (Ilford Ilfotol) but cannot find a mix suitable for cleaning records.


Hi Mick. The mix I use is 5 litres of distilled water, 200 ml alcohol, 15ml of wetting agent,
This works fine for me with most records. I hope that helps.


Brilliant, thanks.


Have a read of this.
Another concoction to consider?


I have some Triton x100 that I use on more stubborn or very dirty stuff.
It is very strong so I only use 5ml to 7ml in my mixes, along with the ilford wetting agent it works well.

Just a word of warning, the Triton or Terbitol (if you can get it) is expensive and in its pure non-diluted state is not nice stuff. You need to avoid getting on your skin or splashed in your eyes, as a minimum a pipette is needed when handling it.
Once diluted in a gallon of cleaning fluid it is fine, but care is needed in its pure state.


Big thanks to Tim and Mrs Tim. I called on him to-day with my brother in law so that we could both pick up our new cleaners.

Very useful demo and offer of bevereges.

My brother in law is a relative newcomer to vinyl but a great music fan. He recons he will recoup the cost of his machine by bargaining down sellers of grotty vinyl pointing out how grungy they are but he will still do them a favour and buy them, albeit at a reduced price. It will pay for itself within the year even if you only knock £1 off each LP.

Time permitting I will clean some of the unplayable vinyl that I have amassed over the years.

This has to be the best VFM investment for any one who buys collections/charity shop/ car boot buys or has some old grungy stuff that they will not risk a good cart on.

It helps that Tim is a top bloke to deal with.


Had a chance to try this on some old vinyl and charity shop stuff. Works just as advertised. Stuff that I have never subjected my stylus to is now pristine. Listening to an original the mamas and the papas which had never been cleaned and was decidely dodgy/grungy. Sounds like new.