DLNA video player with coax out

In my ongoing quest to update our technology to the heady heights of 2003 due to an increase in persons requiring space in the house, I am currently ripping a few DVDs to the OMV Pi based NAS. Unfortunately, the mancave Blu Ray player (a fairly ancient Sony 780) does not read .mkv files over a network.

Does anyone know of a player that can do this and which has a coax out for audio including surround (rather than optical due to all of the optical inputs being used), all without emptying a wallet too much?

OMV, Pi, NAS, .mkv, optical ? What kind of magic is this ? Black, I’ll wager.

we use DLNA players for music from our NAS. For some reason I couldn’t see the point in ripping DVDs

I have an old Xtreamer you can have. It plays anything and works well up to 1080p. It’ll play a samba share from your NAS, and I think it works with DLNA. It has optical out only though, so you’d need a converter.

You could also get a Chromecast, which works with DLNA if you use Plex as a server. Similar position on optical out though.

Fire TV stick into an audio extractor is what I use with an iPod dock when I go on holiday. Laptop has Plex server on it so I can use it for music/TV/films.

I thought this was an English speaking forum?