Do you want to know who's penis does what?

A male dragonfly uses its penis to scoop the semen of other male dragonflies out of potential mates.

The human penis and technique for sex achieves a similar thing. Sloppy seconds are sloppy because the penis shape and action removes most jizz, so the bloke going second then has the majority of sperm.

Male Dunnocks do a similar thing with their beaks

I think that that the thread title may be incorrect.
It should be 'Did you really want to know? :nauseated_face:

“Penis facts and myths”?

“Wrong Schlong”

Excellent retitle effort.
Now I can confidently put the thread on ignore :grinning:


Quite a bit of octopussy was filmed at Northolt Airport, with added on palm trees.


Thank you. Off to bed now with an inferiority complex. :laughing: