Are you gonna rename the dog @stu ?

:smiley: Very droll.

Tara and Max yesterday evening, surprisingly uninterested in WALKIES! as the hurricane remnants raged about us -

Had to drag ‘em out eventually and there followed an EPIC sulk - feckin’ wimps! :laughing:


Buddy’s operation went well. He’s home now sporting a gaping wound and a cone of shame. The poor wee sausage is having a rest now as he’s still a bit groggy.

They’ve left the wound open but I expect they’ll stitch it up in a few days.

I just took Buddy out to the back garden on the lead for a pee and as soon as we got out of the door a strange dog attacked him. It went for his neck from underneath. I screamed at the owner to control their dog. Swear words may have been used.

Thankfully, the cone prevented the dog from getting hold of Buddy and the dog backed off when I shouted. What a fright I got. I was shaken up already seeing Buddy with a head wound loooking so sorry for himself. Talk about bad luck.

Apparently the woman was visiting someone on the street and her two dogs escaped. She was trying to round them up when Buddy and I appeared out of our building.

To add insult to injury, the fucking reprobate sauntered off and did a shit on our lawn. Do you think the woman picked it up? No, she fucked off with her dogs without a word of apology. Cunt.


Poor lad, he has been in the wars, you could post letters in that incision. As for the dog attack, a Timpson’s enema preferably size 10 hobnailed.

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Christ that must have given you a fright. Hope Buddy is on the mend soon.

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We had a German Shepherd that would leap three fences and do exactly the same in our garden, and then his dog would do the same.
( sorry an oldie, but makes me chuckle every time I can use it )


I was ready to give it a kicking when it backed away. It was a relief as really you don’t want to be kicking a dog but when the adrenaline kicks in you don’t hesitate. Thank fuck I didn’t have to.

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Licence the owner not the dog


I’m definitely seeing an increase in incidents, last one, a person who worked at a pub asked the owner if they could give the dog a treat and stroke. They said yes and that the dog is friendly, the dog then took a fist size chunk out of the persons face after trying to go for their throat. They will need a skin graft and multiple surgeries now.

The dog isn’t a dangerous breed, just poorly trained, not chipped and the owner did not have control of them.

None of that was the dogs fault. My only issue with licensing is who will enforce that as the police have no spare capacity.

One aspect of dog licensing should be high cost to deter the “puppy-for-xmas” brigade and other mindless wankers - the money raised would go to employ proper dog wardens.

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Trouble is, the mindless wankers just wouldn’t get the licence…or pay the fine (if the fucking useless dibble ever got around to prosecuting them)

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None taken :rofl:

I’m not a dog handler, so don’t get the jobs as often as them, but I have had two dogs destroyed, two incidents have gone to court with owners given appallingly light sentences by the courts and I think five instances of owners agreeing to muzzle the dogs in public and or improve fencing at home. That’s in the last year.


After a busy couple of hours running around with Saffy and chasing squirrels.


How’s the boy today ?

He’s much brighter today. Pretty much back to normal. His wound is healing astonishingly quickly. Thanks for asking.

He’s not thrilled to be on the lead the whole time and he’s a bit frustrated with the collar of shame but otherwise he’s back to his usual happy self. All the neighbours in the block have been making a fuss of him so he’s had lots of tummy rubs and I’ve been giving him extra rations of treats and chicken liver paste.


Good news, treats and tummy rubs is the universal cure.


That’s good news for the boy, hang in there Buddy, milk this one for everything, your chicken liver pate supply depends on it.

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Not just for dogs

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