He looks gloriously stoned:sunglasses:






She is.



Formby beach today.


Rosie around 1/2 an hour ago on the football pitch :slight_smile:



'tis a sad day, the day I hoped that the decision to have Barnaby’s balls removed would never come is now upon me.
Not quite 14 months old the lad has become more assertive, disobedient, single minded and attempts to hump rather than play with other dogs. He’s only doing what comes naturally when the old hormones kick in, but he’s a large dog and holding him back from his amorous intent has nearly had me on my backside a few times.
I really feel gutted and to make matters worse, he’s booked in on Valentines Day for his nut free cure (hopefully a cure), oh the irony.
Anyone want some furry earrings as a gift for their beloved on the 14th ?


It’s the best thing to do, an unruly dog will be just as unhappy as you and will cause stress. Dogs should be fun.


At least he’ll be more streamlined in time for his flyball (no pun intended) training.


The majestic Saluki in all of its customary glory…


Patch Churchill




“…we will bite them on the beaches…”


" And on the artificial grass "


Here’s our feisty Parson Russell pups.


That was supposed to be a video. Will have to try again later.


This made me smile. Needed it after the past few days.


This is the scene awaiting me when I came back from the Doctor this afternoon:

Pixie touting her wares at passing hounds Amsterdam-style.


(Excuse the crappy iPhone photographs, especially the reflections)