Off to the vets with mine in a few minutes. He’s already on meds for his heart but he’s really slowed up now and is coughing quite a bit as well as drinking a lot. Vet mentioned Diuretics on the phone , just hoping they can do something. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Good luck :+1:


plus 1




Good luck


Blood tests came back fine. He’s on diuretics now as well the vetmed for his heart.


Good news!


Good news indeed




At least we couldn’t see Mr. Custard in them :unamused:


I am back to a nice pasty shade of pale thank you. Blancmange might be a close approximation.


Great, cos I really like blancmange :face_vomiting:


Stop trying to cheer me up.



Walkies this morning…


Such elegance.


You’re a bit classy…with your Poang footstool…:wink:


I know you are a fellow Poanger Jim, so I don’t have to explain to you that the pictured combination is possibly the most comfy thing ever, minus the stupid, superfluous “decorative” cushion…

I fall asleep regularly in that chair, I love it.


I hope your talking about the thing Ruby has her arse on and not the animal. :grin:

(edit, whoops should have been a smiley in there, fixed now)


Ruby is having a staring competition with me. I suspect* she wants her tea, but the rugby has just kicked off again…

  • Know damn well.


Ours do that as well. And then start barking incessantly until I give in