Excellent news!


Stop it, enough, I’m embarrassed enough :sunglasses:


You both deserve every compliment going :+1:


Fair brought a lump to the throat that bit of news, a big well done to you both and of course Charlie.


Rosie early on this afternoon on Swanwick walkies :slight_smile:


Rosie always looks like she’s giddily ecstatic! She’s a lovely doggo mate.


Got to love those ears.:ear::ear:


She is, she’s just full of happy :grin:


We have a doggo for a week as we are looking after a border collie called Bilbo. Today is our first full day and when out he barks and growls at other dogs quite badly and managed to have a bit of a fight with a boxer he also went for a horse bearing his teeth he got to within an inch. fortunately he was on a lead and we were able to hold him back- All seems ok now but stressful start. He did snap at us after his walk yesterday but is generally very placid and obedient. I am not sure how to add photos of him via an iPad but will try to find out this week.


Take photo. Upload from Library.


It was Maddie’s second “gotcha” day yesterday - 2 years since we first got her - we “celebrated” by baking her and Max a whole panful of cheap sausages - Maddie’s absolute favourite. (they don’t get them all at once BTW - too much salt!)

The pic is of her two years ago today, and shows just what lousy condition she was in when she came from the kennels - well underweight, terrible coat, claws cut way too short. Basically she was pining away after being dumped from a loving home into a greyhound rescue centre, where the woman regarded her as an imposition because she’s a lurcher not a purebred grey! Still makes me cross to this day, but so glad we took this lovely old girl on - she’s 10 coming-up 11 now :hearts:


Does anyone else give their dog Sea Jerky? Zak loves it, its dried fish skins compressed into cubes, low in fat and very good for their teeth apparently.


If give Curtis a large carrot every day for his teeth.


Ours get Dentastix every day as well as occasional raw vegetables. Their teeth are always clean and white and they never have smelly breath, not even faintly


Our Border Terrier had permanent bad breath. Loads of Dentastix, carrots, chew toys, toothpaste; we never managed to sort it. Bless him, he has been gone 21/2 years, now.


Ruby occasionally goes through a stage of eating the cat shit out of the litter tray. Her breath fucking well honks then, not to mention the zyklon b grade farts.

She used to eat her own shit, but seems to have grown out of that.


Nothing young Barnaby likes more than dog shit, fox shit, sheep shit, horse shit in fact any kind of shit and as a dessert a lump of grass and soil. It is said that dogs and their owners develop similar ways, I fucking hope not, I draw the line at eating grass.


Charlie is making fantastic progress. From completely paralysed back end 2 weeks ago he’s doing this today. You can see one leg is still weak and stiff but the last couple of days have shown a massive improvement. Sorry about the crap GIF.


The steps required for an individual to become a saint in the eyes of the Vatican.

1.Step one: Wait five years - or don’t. …
2.Step two: Become a ‘servant of God’ …
****Step three: Show proof of a life of ‘heroic virtue’ … **
4.Step four: Verified miracles. …
5.Step five: Canonisation


Fab work - lucky doggo :+1: