that is brilliant news


So chuffed to see Charlie moving and in the right direction, I see he’s found his wag and making full use of it. :smiley:
Well done both of you for nursing him so competently, you must be chuffed to bits at his progress.





Is that a fucking bow tie.:rage:


No, why would a dog wear a bow tie?


It is you know…never spotted that.

You eagle eyed fuck. :slight_smile:


I have reported you to the RSPCA


You have a dress code for dinner at your house?



Stars & Stripes bow tie???


Well it is obviously casual, not black tie, he hasn’t got his patent Oxfords on.


Really heartwarming - cheered us up tonight


Quite. All best wishes.




I very nearly had a myocardial infarction when I watched that first time round. He does come up with some stuff that verges on genius. Shame he’s ill.


Sad, I didn’t know he was.


Ah, that was gossip, friend of a friend stuff. I shouldn’t have said anything really, there’s a possibility it’s nonsense. Sorry. I really hope he isn’t ill.


Not likely to viral from here i guess.


Tru dat.