Wonderful news - you should both be really proud and his owners must be amazed at his progress.


Yep, they were in bits. They own my local pub and we’ve had free drinks since they been away :grinning:


Great news and hopefully he makes a full recovery.


I think the caption here is:

“Excuse me but did you just fart?”


Lovely to see his monumental improvement, fingers crossed for even more, he’s a lovely looking dog.


Having a great time in the snow until a squirrel caught his eye, he remained motionless for minutes then made a lunge, epic fail and cried for it to come back and play. Porridge for brains, certain of it.


More porridge.


He’ll have to work on his camouflage a little harder.


Sod the snow.


Max and Maddie are having None of it this morning! :joy:


Put some trousers on, there’s only so much embarrassment they can take :grinning:


fucking fucker… :angry: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Do you wear your shorts when customers come round?






“Tyre-kickers”, “Time-wasters”, “Anecdotards”, “Coffee Vultures” . . .


Yes, that’s the ones. If so, I have a theory…


C’mon then - koff-up the furball-of-fact for all of our edification and amusement…


Sorry, was a crap post.


If you sold a cable for every insult you spewed out at your (potential) customers, you’d be rich :wink:

How’s that?