Trolling is a art :+1:

Keep practicing . . . :wink:


But I do!

My bizniz attracts a lot of masochists…



Love the Dogs 1 Guns 0 comment.

When my daughter is on placement she absolutely loves it when the therapy dogs come onto the ward, although she hasn’t figured that rolling around on the floor with the dog isn’t exactly the point of the scheme :slightly_smiling_face:


The girls are really growing up fast. Maddie is three and a half now

and Hildur is one and a half


Hard work keeping them inside when there’s a bit of snow about. They LOVE it, been outside for 3 hours this afternoon


They are very bonny dogs indeed Paul.


Thank you. Although there’s 2 yrs between them they are full sisters.

Never had dogs before, yet couldn’t imagine being without them now. Definitely part of the family


Rosie with the kids.


Just chillin’.


I got the call at 8ish this morning not to go into work so it’s been a lazy day. Yay.
Marley now chilling on the sofa after having Frozen soundtrack playing through the hifi.


More doggsitting for Claire and I. This time with Bobby for 12 days. He is adorable and zero hassle


goo goo gar gar doggy


Altogether more responsive to body language and gesture.

Unless you’re Maddie, who DGAF what the Idiot Human is doing if it doesn’t involve dinner.



Decent carp by the look of it.


Hold on, this isn’t the carp arking thread! :grinning:


Amalgamate it Jim :grinning:


Unfortunately it seemed to be doing a bit too much ‘resting’ :frowning:


Do they let fishercunts in there?