Zero flat out yesterday, twitching his paws in his sleep.


I think so, I don’t really know about these things though.

Do you think I’ll get in trouble for shooting it?


This is Abbydog - all 16 years of her


Loves sleep, fruit and salads - and curries. Has strong opinions now and has finally stopped being frightened of almost everything. Getting old is good for dogs and old dogs are just the greatest - when they’re awake.


Zero above is 14 and is like a grumpy cave bear, and that’s after age related mellowing.


It’s that sense of entitlement that comes with age…


Small dog syndrome, coupled with being an utter mommy’s boy who indulges his ego and every whim.


Great character though, I’ll bet


Not terribly sporting, but at least it’s a clean kill as opposed to the bellends who like hauling these poor cunts out of the water with a steel spike through their jaws in order to demonstrate to an indifferent world that they are slightly smarter than a fish… :poop:


Don’t know if there are any meatmen in N. Norfolk, but if so

Dog walkers beware!!

An extensive deposit of palm oil has washed up on the beach between Bacton and Mundesley on the North Norfolk coast.

Apparently the local council have done a site visit this morning.

I would imagine that there more deposits in the surrounding areas. :frowning:

It can be fatal to dogs and they’re especially attracted to it.


Well warned Paul, we walk our dogs there from time to time, and know a lot of people who do likewise. I’ll whop something up on Facebook. :+1:


We have been enjoying our time looking after Bobby. He is totally cute and amazingly gentle.


Sabre tooth spaniel.


Evolution moves in mysterious ways



Jim without his fishing rod?


Jim “fishing”…


This afternoon.


I can’t help but think of Moses parting the Red Sea. It was probably just like that.


Last day with Bobby today plenty of snow


The JRT infantry on guard duty for passing Jehova’s Witnesses.