Here we witness the majestic Saluki in his native environment: howling along with the wolf pack - which just happens to be on the telly…


I can hardly see that telly. You should think about getting a bigger one.


And perhaps move the settee a little closer?


I used to have a howler called Skip. Particularly liked harmonising with passing emergency vehicles. That kind of thing starts off as entertaining but can get a bit wearing over the years…


Curtis likes to rush at my new TV barking and growling, especially when there are tigers, horses, cats or dogs on the TV. He was slightly concerned about a monster on a science fiction film at the weekend and felt the need to hide behind me.

Old TV no problem, new TV, too realistic for the young lad.


Yes indeed, I thought that was a portable


There’s a description you don’t here any more…except here. :grin:




What’s that over their? :grin:




They’re, their on the stare.


Dogs have no concept of wealth

The love they appear to show is palpable

Maybe it’s because they don’t see themselves as an accessory

(the dog is on the right, btw)


I like dogs. But not enough to have one. However I am looking forward to this coming out




This is Molly, our new cocker spaniel. We picked her up today, and she is eight weeks old. My first time having a dog, although my wife’s family have had cockers for a long time.

Seems to have settled in really well, eating, drinking fine, and she’s done very well so far with the toilet stuff outside. Tonight will be interesting though seeing how she does through the night !


Gorgeous :heart_eyes:



If it’s her first night, someone should stay up with her. It’s quite a daunting time for them at 8 weeks and just parted from her mother.


Thanks Paul, I’ll do that.


Good man. Lou did it with our two (Springers) for a few nights. I was quite happy to do it but she quite rightly pointed out that I would just get pissed, fall asleep and that even Krakatoa erupting in the next room wouldn’t wake me.

I accepted her reasoning and gave her the honour of doing it.


Hmmm… I do have a bottle of Jura Superstition winking at me. I’ll practise looking tired & emotional and see if that gets me onto the early morning shift !