She’s a beauty. :heart_eyes:


Brings back happy puppy memories, enjoy.

Feeling broody!


Look at that face, it says love me and cuddle me all over it, with just a little mischief thrown in for good measure. Like Mick feeling a little broody.


She’s a little stunner Stu :heart:




Got 3 Parson Russell hot water bottles to keep me warm!


Nice radiators, shame about the laundry. I presume the lacy number is yours…:slightly_smiling_face:


Can’t beat the feeling of a bit of lace


Bloody big Radiator


Likes that…



Mrs Millicent reclining on her newly acquired Tudor sofa throw.


Mrs Pilgrim likes your cushion.


Think the cat was enjoying the warmth of Rolo this morning. Rolo would have moved if there was room elsewhere.


Couldn’t resist this…


Curtis enjoying the sun.


Had Barnaby at flyball training tonight, his second visit. He’s fast, but trying to get him to leave the ball once retrieved is impossible. Pet names the trainers have for him up to now are : Class Clown, Numb Nuts, Big Gob and the ultimate put down ‘we’ve had worse’. He loves it though, but he’s still a pillock, at one point had two balls and a traffic cone in his mouth, just showing off I suppose. We’ll give it a few more weeks to see if he settles down, if not I’ll email @Malbec for advice, he’s good with dogs :grin:


Flyball is amazing.

Ruby won’t chase a ball more than a few times, she gets bored then drops the ball in long grass, or a convenient pond or in a ditch, etc etc. Then looks at me as if to say “I’m not a fucking Retriever, fetch your ball yourself, you two legged moron.” and goes off and does her proper job of running around randomly at full speed with her nose skimming the ground or chasing imaginary grouse.


Typical Gordon, nose on the ground and arse in the air :grin: but lovely dogs. Our neighbours had one about ten years ago and ‘Benson’ is still spoken about with great fondness, daft and as soft as a brush.
Perhaps Ruby has her head screwed on and this pillock we have just thinks he has.


Console yourself with the thought that if I took Max to something like that, he’d cower from the ball as he’s afraid of anything that’s thrown or kicked - or merely has that on its CV. What he would do would be to run around in circles like a fucking racehorse (his gallop actually sounds the exactly the same, and Salukis can famously hit 40mph with ease), then he’d pick fights with pretty much every male dog there, try to grab any small dog by the neck and kill it like a rat, and half-heartedly try to mount any in-season bitches, despite his nuts having undergone a relocation program to a landfill site 2 years ago. If there was any human food about, he would steal it, bolt-it, then puke back up on the nearest available upholstery or carpet…

You can take the dog out of the pikey encampment, but…