I am glad I have farm collies.


Oh yes, mind they are very demanding dogs in certain ways being highly intelligent and energetic - I think they are bloody marvellous (we had a BC/Alsatian cross when I was a teen), but not a breed for me.
Sighthounds like Max have their faults, especially when they’re badly abused adult rescues like him, but their big upside is they can be “parked” for long periods of time to kip and rest if I need to do stuff without them, and there are moments that’s essential.


me too - they’re fucking painful sometimes…


Sunshine garden doggos:



How does he see? :slight_smile:





I hadn’t realised just how much of a dog / bat hybrid Madrid is


You’re more right than you know - she’s the dog equivalent of 75 and starting to show definite signs of senility…

Despite the lugs, she’s also fairly deaf…

Bless 'er!


Good job she’s a sight hound then!




He is one handsome lad :heart_eyes:


What a lad. I expect mine and yours would get on like a house on fire.

Or would set a house on fire.


Since my new Samsung 55" TV in January, it’s just too realistic for Curtis, every time an animal comes on or makes a noise he rushes at the TV growling and barking. Funny the first few times, but an arse after that.

Still it amuses my children when they visit. He is known in my family as stupid Curtis.



My King Charles does it , whether it’s a real animal or a cartoon one makes no difference to him. Fucking idiot ! If he’s outside and he sees another dog he becomes mute and tail between his legs !


Not just dogs - Marley does it all the time, charging up to tv, climbing up the tv and even going round the back of the tv to find the aninals. Whereas Ziggy just looks, sniffs the air for the scent of an animal, then realises that everything on the tv screen is fake and goes back to sleep


Andy Worhol or Bernie Ecclestone?


Bo Jo


As much fucking sense as Boris.