More apologies. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hildur is getting a liking for going mental at times. Bundle of fun though.

Don’t be fooled by the wild eyes and bared teeth, she’s the most harmless and loving dog I’ve ever met.


Great photo :grinning:


Thanks, she just has these moments when she likes to go ballistic. Nothing in particular seems to prompt it, it’s quite funny to see though.

You wouldn’t believe this is the same dog


Many may know that Mrs Millicent (Milly) was a re-homed OES by us after becoming a mother of 12. We have finally managed to obtain a pic of her with offspring, 8 girls, 4 boys. How I’d love to find them for a family reunion at our place - maybe Mother’s Day?


And here are family, do you notice the family resemblance?



What’s their names?


One is called Sodders, another is Coco, then there’s Chelsea Dave, Samantha, Spacehopper - can’t remember the others just now. :slight_smile:Wish I knew where they were - this was before we adopted her of course.




15 year old curmudgeon mooching about as part of his recovery


Couple of pics off Donna wifeys phone from Monday morning.


is that dog wearing an S&M harness


I wanted her to have a leather one, but Donna wouldn’t allow it :frowning_face:


One of the Labradors we are looking after eating her dinner in 15 seconds! It doesn’t touch the sides.



Standard Lab. Mine wouldn’t take that long, he now has a special slow him down bowl.


Spot the dog being offered food…


I am appalled there have been no new dog pictures, especially with this weather, so here is one of Mrs Millicent yesterday in the garden:


Maxwell denying any possible involvement.


I would love to make a snow angel right now. Bored of hot.