Maybe the tape hiss is winding him up…


It’s all the 1970s soul. He’s more of a disco dog.


She had just come off a long walk including a swim in the pool on the local common.

But yes she is missing her owners when she’s not scoffing food and playing in the garden.


One of our goldies isn’t looking good this morning. Very lethargic and almost struggling to move. Got a vet’s appointment shortly, but given we know they have kidney issues I am fearing the worst right now :frowning:


Fingers (and paws) crossed for you


Hope it all goes well.


Hope it’s not too serious Jon.


Echo all of the above.

My dog (German pointer), who is usually a bundle of energy, had similar symptoms a few years ago. Got up on a Saturday morning and she wouldn’t move from the chair she sleeps in and just seemed dead to the world.
Took her to the vet at lunchtime who said she had a very high temperature. Gave her a shot of antibiotics and after remaining lethargic for the next 12 hours or so she gradually perked up and was back to normal the next morning.


Best of luck. Hope you get a positive outcome.


Fingers crossed for you Jon.


Atb for your dog Jon


I really hope it’s the best outcome :crossed_fingers:



Looks like it’s all good. Vet ran bloods and urine and they all came back pretty ok. Best thinking was that she’s taken a knock to her hindquarters (possibly her sister being too energetic), and after a shot of anti-inflammatories this morning she is now right as rain this evening.

Quite relieved


Great news


That’s just fantastic!


Phew :grinning:


Phew! :+1:



Basil, for some unknown reason, likes to jump on my lap and lay like this for 5 min or more.