Sister’s dog, Barney - 7 yr old bernese/collie cross, who hasn’t developed beyond puppyhood - joining in the audience applause at the outdoor Shakespeare by Talkin Tarn last night.

The strolling players are on the way home from Edinburgh.

New photo by B 2T

New photo by B 2T



^^^ Oh err, what have I done now?


Apparently today is National Dog Day, so I make no apology for posting yet another picture of our girls, Maddie and Hildur

Taken a couple of weeks ago



Food, or walkies?


Food, walkies they run around like idiots.


Zak’s taking it easy as its a bank holiday :roll_eyes:


Need your opinions please. Lou thinks Maddie (4 years old in October) is too thin but I think she’s just very fit.

Who’s right?

Taken today on our walk


Looks about right to me Paul, our vet says Zak needs to lose weight.


Perfect I’d say.


Looks pretty good to me. If you can feel her ribs under a small soft level of tissue then I’ve always thought that was perfect, and the vet agrees.


Looks in very good nick to me!


Looks great to me for a fit hound.


Thanks guys. I’m reassured.

She passes that test :+1:

The both have fantastic diets and a very active life, outdoors most of the day when it’s fine and regular walks. Playing ball with them can last hours with no sign of either of them flagging.

Hildur (2 years old) is just built like a prizefighter, no worries with her


Looks spot on to me Paul.

One of the things I really hate seeing is a fat dog, it’s always, always the fault of the owner and so easily prevented.


Me too. It’s surely only a question of diet v exercise

I guess it also can have something to do with the breed. Some breeds are pretty sedentary, unlike hyperactive Springers.


She really looks in the prime of health. NOT TOO SKINNY!!


Jesus, look at those pecs! I bet she’s a mega swimmer?


Honestly Rob, you just can’t wear her out. On the go from first thing until after dinner when they come in and sit with us. She’s solid muscle and yes, she’s a great swimmer. The stone walls around our front garden are 4’ high and she jumps up on to the top of them from a standing position.