We’ve got a King Charles who’s 10 and about a year ago rehomed a staffy. King Charles get overweight so easily but whilst Rolo is most definitely a bum he’s always had a decent amount of exercise. Ruby the staffy on the other hand we were worried about as she looked pretty skinny. The vets reassured us she was fine. She’s very picky with her food and is super active. She thinks she’s 2 not 9.
This is taken as I write. Doesn’t really back up what I’m saying !:joy:


My vet say’s you should just about be able to see their ribs for the correct weight. Looks fine to me. Ms. ICHM daughter has one and it’s on the go all day and a little bit skinny’er.


Yeah you have to remember 7/8 out of 10 dogs you see are overweight. She looks in fine health.


That’s a very good point. Most of the dogs on the island are working dogs, so obviously they’re very fit, but All of the other dogs (that are simply pets) are overweight. All of them.


I wish I could apply the discipline that I apply to Rubys diet (if she doesn’t get a decent run out, I cut down her food a bit, I’m very sparing with treats etc) to my own diet…




Not an ex-lab owner then (new kitchen door and a couple of cupboards later…)


Well, ok I’ll give you that, Labs are 4 legged dustbins.



…looking good for 17th birthday in October


Say that again :smiley:


Couch potato in action after eating and an afternoon at the beach.


Every day . Every single day…



Patch watching the avengers


Been posted elsewhere but …



Rosie tired out at the end of the day at Burghley Horse Trials yesterday.



You know when it starts to get colder by the dog thermometer