Curtis thinks it’s tea time and he needs his supper, that’s what happens when you get up early.:wink:


Poor Curtis sure looks like he needs cheering up!


That is his hungry dog face, he is hungry 99% of the time. He has had today his breakfast, a carrot for his teeth and a small mount of Bolognese sauce. He also had a two hour walk and swim.

He hates being photographed, so he looks shy.



Not surprised as you’ve got a speaker sticking out of his head :laughing:


About to get a biscuit face


Are you using a box Brownie? :thinking:


Yes, trying to take a picture on the rubbish Samsung A5 while holding a dog biscuit.


The Samsung A series are awful, the A3 was the worst phone I ever had.


Soft dog!


Vote for Ruby!

Claire has entered a picture of Ruby into our local radio stations doggy picture competition and out of a few hundred she’s made it to the last 10…

Ruby is number 8

It’s not the best photo there, or the cutest, but after all, Ruby is one of the Forum Dogs…

Oh and we’ll get £250 to spend on doggy treats…


Armchair politics

Voted :smiley:


+1, good luck.


voted (for the cat)




I was going to vote for the hairy bitch in No.7 (at least I think it’s a bitch) but voted for No 8 instead


My older dog is going to the vet for a check over this evening. He spent all day yesterday being disinterested in food, acting as though he didn’t know who I was or where he was, trembling and just wondering around looking lost. He has done this before, but only for 30 minutes or so before he is back to being his usual self (an idiotic Spaniel)

We spent the night intending for both of the dogs to be in our bed with us, but he opted to keep going and resting in the spare room, with breaks of half hour where he would just stand staring at the drawers.

This morning, he seems more himself and is responding to being fussed/rubbed where he usually enjoys it, eating/drinking regularly and is going outside to the loo, which is something he seemed to have forgotten the art of for the last year (thank heavens for bleach and a rubber floor downstairs…)

I honestly thought he was going to pass last night and he was waiting for my wife to come home from work, he was sat up with me at one point on our bed trying not to doze off. Obviously, I am relieved that today he seems to be back to normal, but it’ll play on our minds now as he is 14+.

Hopefully he’ll get to go with us to Holywell Bay next April again, we’ll see.


Hope all is well at the vets. Fingers crossed for you.


Old hound feeling chipper yesterday after a nice walk