Hope it all goes well for the old guy.


He’s been OK - he’d perked up and was recognising us and being himself by the afternoon.

Vet has prescribed some medication which improves blood flow. She said what I have described is all symptoms of cognitive disorder. He’s 14, so it’s part of the journey. I don’t think the tablets are doing anything, but if when they run out, he seems to immediately decline, I’ll keep him on them.

Over the weekend and yesterday/today he’s been OK. :slight_smile:


Great news.


While we were at Settle a number of the guys asked about Charlie, the Collie we looked after who had the spinal stroke and was paralysed from the ribs to his tail. Thanks for all the kind words.

Here is a short video of him now. He has a very weak back right leg and needs to wear a boot to stop it dragging and rubbing through the skin. This is as good as he will get but he is in great spirit and completely happy with his lot.

Jim said it brought a tear to his eye - I could relate to that as I cried and cried when he first wagged his tail.

Thanks again for all the support.


Great news.


Stoppitnow, I’m getting grit in my eye!


Great stuff.


Mick, you and Mrs Mick (Jan?) did an outstanding job, just incredible really. As I said to you at Settle, if it wasn’t for your efforts, that dog would have been put to sleep.

Fantastic effort. AA hero of the year ( I reckon we should make that a thing?)


Thanks Rob, it was your comments that gave me the kick up the ass to put up the update. Jan still walks him every Thursday and took the video.


Brilliant work, he looks dead happy :slight_smile:


Rosie a few weeks ago at Burghley.



Spooning watching the golf.


Lovely pooch :sunglasses: Shame about the photo bomb watch :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


She’s not sleeping though. Is the thumping of the wrist clock disturbing her?


Funnily enough I was going to turn my wrist slightly and make a gag of it… but no … not my style. :slight_smile:


Is it a Timex?


It’s a Swatch.


Waiting for some of my lunch


Did you throw a bucket of water over him Bob to stop him moithering you at the table! :thinking: