He had been swimming for half an hour fetching sticks from the large canal you can’t see on the right. Every walk has to have water somewhere for him.

The place where he swims is about 100m across as it has locks and splits up to two canals. He is the best swimmer dog I have ever had, swims really fast.


Although he takes ages to dry as his dual coat is so thick.


Haha, Rosie’s not very bothered about the water, she has a paddle but that’s about it :smiley:


Willow likes to swim, we did the width of Wastwater on our hols. Always keeps her head dry though


Yesterday’s walk in the field.
Ruby ( the staffy ) is exhausted cos she’s been charging around and doing roly polys down the hill for half hour. Rolo is exhausted cos he’s walked 5,mins to the field. Bless him.



Haha, I fucking love Twitter.


Spotted today by eldest and middle daughters as they took our pooch to the dog park:

Seemingly Ziggy was terrified of the pig when he first saw it. They all seemed to work it out and have a laugh. The pig is useless at fetch though.


This is our Basils Grandad - proud!

Today we delivered this commission of Llangwm Cap to double World Sheepdog Trials Champion Aled Owen. Luckily we got this photo between showers, and if you’re thinking that Cap’s attention was elsewhere then you’re right - he knew there was a loose sheep round the back of the barn.

See more on our commissions page…

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Maxwell refusing to come in as he knows he will be dried. But wants to come in, so is just going to stand there.


Dogs learn everything they do from the master of the household.



Perfect start to a shaggy dog story.


Collecting, then fostering a 10 month old female lab called Belle who needs a new home this weekend.


Aaaand just as I sort the next home, literally 5 minutes afterwards…

“It’s OK I’ve talked to my sister, she’s going to have her.”

Bar the minor disappointment felt by said family, good outcome.


Who would have thought that something so peaceful looking could unleash something akin to chemical warfare from her arsehole and not even wake up.


This could equally well go on the joke thread or the coffee thread but I think it fits better here


How true. Ours need no stimulants whatsoever, they’re mad enough!


Goldfinger’s dog?