Found the second thing that my dog Curtis won’t eat, tinned peaches. The first thing was Finnish salted liquorice.


I got told off for feeding the dog liquorice allsorts


If it contains glycyrrhizin it can be toxic to dogs if they eat a lot of it.



Time for treats on this mornings walk.


I want that pointer.:heart_eyes:


Great pic :slightly_smiling_face:


Bottom left looks just like our blind dog.


From the bottom left clockwise. Angus the West Highland terrier, Stanley the German Pointer, Basil our young collie, Charlie the collie who was paralysed from the chest back and Barley our older collie.


Hope for mammality yet, even if the humans are fucked up.


Lovely GSP.


Nothing like a pack outing - would really like a squad now and again! Sadly, current low dog count neighbourhood means Abby lacks mates these days.


Curtis would be the dog at the top looking in the wrong direction :roll_eyes:

Me recently with Curtis, my second daughters Italian greyhound and a friends briard.


Late afternoon sunshine for our walk and only a light SE breeze.


and Hildur


Maxwell had a whale of a time with Ellie my aunts collie.


Ruby’s feeling the cold a bit.


Luka stalking something or other.


Time for a new jumper or coat?


She’s got a tshirt that we put on her if it’s too cold. Tbh , I can’t decide if she’s cold or just sulking half the time.