Curtis not liking The Art Of Noise- Close To The Edit remix :rofl:


Curtis likes Frankie Goes To Hollywood- Rage Hard remix :sunglasses:


Look of worry more than enjoyment!





Time for a new (and recent) Mrs Millicent picture perhaps - though not too unlike the others.
After a glass of Glenfiddick, dog not me. . . (note - clever concealment of the tail).


The face of a dog who thinks he is getting some curry. Fuck no.


Waiting for the aga to warm up then??


I don’t actually ever turn it off, only stupid people who don’t understand it do that. :rofl:


Remind us again how much your fuel bills went up after you installed it. About £40 a month wasn’t it? So you can be unable to make a decent pizza.


No, youngest son pitched up and wanted a curry, so I made him one on the big lump of iron with a gas burner inside.


My dogs go nuts for poppadoms.


What a character!


Tired spaniel.


Marley watching the iPad this morning with her dogs. She absolutely loves her dogs.


When is dinner?


He managed to steal a block of cheese and a tray of cold Spanish meats. Now he can’t move.




I bet you’re really looking forward to the cheesy/jamon farts that are imminently emissionable…