Yes, it was.



There’s a dog in there somewhere…



“I love Christmas…and pies”


I initially thought that the pie was in the for ground, but no, it weighs 1.35Kg.


Watch out for those poisonous raisins - I have to peel the pastry off the filling for Abby, which ain’t always easy. She’s partial to Llidl ones this year…


He got a bit of pastry, I put it on the side while I made coffee and he sat staring at the pie.


A bit of pastry is ok.

NONE of the filling is though. (I realise you know that btw)


:slight_smile: does no harm mentioning it, I’m sure plenty of people don’t realise.


I didn’t know that, luckily I don’t feed my hounds mince pies anyway. When we say “poisonous” is it a toxin for them and a slight lick will see them 4 paws up or is it that they would have to eat a bucket load and would vom it up?

Asked on the basis that this place is better than google.


More than 3g per kilo of weight can be fatal apparently.


Curtis likes the odd grape, so will stop that then and add it to the apple pips, pear cores, chocolate, citrus fruit etc… that he doesn’t get fed.

I don’t do mince pies, so he’s safe there. He was eyeing up my croissant.


Audio Abbattoir - saving dogs lives.


Aga dog, every dog needs a warming aga


My youngest has just had 7 teeth out. I think my wallet hurts more…



The issue of dogs and mince pies featured in a storyline in The Archers recently - apparantley can indeed be toxic. Mrs Millicent is keeping with fois gras and Vodka.


The boys in training for Christmas afternoon. Basil loves to lie on my feet.


Dog Christmas