Rob, that’s a really lovely photograph, two animals so relaxed and peaceful in each others company. Food for thought for the human race there.


Quite possibly. Once the full effects of Brexit start to hit they might be the only fresh meat available.





And today…



Yes, Merry Christmas to all folks, canines (and cats). I have a feeling I’ll be wrapping ginger biscuits before long!



Didn’t realise you ran Triangles, which model are they?


Heliade ES Jon.



3 years on a hifi forum, none of us know what gear we actually have.



Zak with new reindeer.


As many on AA may know, Mrs Millicent (aka Milly) was a re-homed dog after giving birth to a litter of 12. Well, as a surpise we have been sent pix of some of the kids (pups) now all grown up.

Here are some of them! Merry xmas!
Perhaps a reunion in the New Year but I believe they live all over the country.


Two more have just come in!


Clearly Milly has passed on some great genes - every one of her pups is a belter :heart_eyes:



FoL with Sheila the Wonder Dog.