Our Jack Russells are getting on and need relatively short walks nowadays. I live in absolute dread of the boy shuffling off (he’s 15) as Hel is utterly devoted to him.

Quite often I come home and he’s spark out and looks like he’s gone, I’ve had several panic moments until the daft bugger rouses from his slumber and looks bemused as I hold him like he’s just passed away, the bugger.

We’re now looking for another dog to introduce so that Hel might not fully collapse into despair when Zero goes. A long legged hound with a long range for walking.

I’m sure all you other doggo owners have been through the same.


A Setter of any description, if you can cope with a certain amount of lunacy.


An ESS will walk you off your legs, then want to go again. You will never outlast one in a stamina contest.

They are loyal, loving and great company, however I would never leave one alone all day if you are both at work.


Lurchers & Greyhounds are great for long walks and just switch off when there is nothing happening so not always on alert like Jack Russells’s are.

We have 3 Parsons and they are full on nuts, just like Jack Russells.

Might have some spare…:wink:


If you can manage the hours of walks (min 2 hours a day and counting, 7 planned tomorrow) and the endless need to stimulate them then you cannot beat a Collie.


Hahaha, this is just like the ‘what xxxx should I buy’ in the hifi section. Everyone recommending what they have and the OP getting what he already knows he’s gonna get.



Or a German pointer, Hungarian vizsla, Weimaraner etc.

But if you both work and are going to be leaving the dogs alone for more than a few hours on a regular basis then maybe get a cat instead.:roll_eyes:


Seriously, this.

Nothing more to add.


Ruby got a new toy today.

It used to be a duck type thingy, supposedly “ruff ‘n’ tuff”

Took her about 15 minutes to completely eviscerate and decapitate it.


So true!

Hel already has her eyes on a youngish rescue dog, probably a trailhound, lurcher or pointer.


Ruff n Tuff my arse! We got a similar one for Sheila the Wonder Dog. It was leaking filling within 30 seconds.


Oh, the fluff n stuff range, I’m sure mans best friend sees it as a gauntlet thrown down to defeat. :roll_eyes:


Roden and Hilbrae Dog rescue are out our way and pretty near to you. They are both very good.


Abby highly recommends hibernating in the depths of winter - sensible girl


Curtis after a muddy walk with his mate Toby


Gives you an idea how big the Toby is…


Which one is Toby?