Eldest with her lab on the frozen lake in Finland


Clearly the stupid one picking the furry dog mat up. He is bigger now, that was 2 years ago and a mere 42Kg, now 50Kg.


50 Kg Bloody hell!

Maddie is 20 kg

and Hildur is 18 kg


Stupid Curtis is 28Kg normally.


What a lump.


And the dog :grinning:


This Ruff Tuff has survived since Christmas, toys and squeaks normally last moments


New pub dog is 12 weeks so is now ready for walks. Meet Ralph the Springer





Tempted to get one of those for @stu 's dog Patch. It would be defiled, pregnant & broken within minutes.


The only thing our Border Terrier didn’t destroy, in short order, was one of those solid rubber rings.
Everything else, 15 mins, tops.


He got this for Xmas,killed it within 15 mins


I’m minded of that puppet thing that someone’s wife knitted a while back. Still makes me laugh to this day. :slight_smile:


I think the Christmas Prawn should do battle with Patch.


That was @loo’s wife. Needs to be the AA mascot.


Rosie and her indestructible M&S pig!



ah little boo has died of a broken heart


Rosie is having a nap.


Just adorable