Tara enjoying the Siberian conditions this morning:


We’ve got Ralph the Springer for 3 days this week while his owners are at work.

Basil (2 years old) loves him, Barley (10) hates him They planned for Ralph to go to work with the hubbie but boss said no. Her parents are back next week so they will take over.

He’s a proper working stock springer! No idea how they will cope but I suspect we will be seeing a lot of the little chap.


He’ll keep you on your toes!


At 14 weeks he’s restricted to 15 min walks twice a day at the moment. I was out for 2 1/2 hours today with our two and they didn’t stop for a swcond so I dread to think how far we will need to go to tire this one out.

Collies tend to keep to paths and close to their walkers.

Springers keep towards the nearest gap in the hedge, pond and the furthest pheasant!

We live in sheep country so I will need to be on my toes.


Yes, they like to chase sheep, although after nearly 2 1/2 years here ours have finally managed to pretty much ignore them. Even when they go into the sheep fields, they no longer chase them.


Big chance of being shot round here as we have lots of problems with sheep worrying.


Yes, that is a serious concern.


Barney2tone visited today. His first ever train and taxi rides. Perfect for BIG hugs.

Though he did make my flat feel even smaller than usual. :slightly_smiling_face:



Very windy


Windy! Sure is, just got back with Rosie…blown away!


So that’s what Curtis calls fun! Great to see him in action


Loves sticks, balls and water. Usually me throwing the stick into a lake or canal. He found that stick in the river.


No river too cold


Just got back in from walking ours. We’ve had a light covering of snow this morning, but the way they charge about and roll over in it, you would think we were in the Bahamas. Cold Northerly blowing too, but cold just doesn’t seem to bother them in the slightest.


Rosie would just look at that, turn to you, and her eyes would say “That’s for fish and ducks”.


That’s a happy lab!


Nicked from the Beeb website


Local park and St. Annes beach


Rosie just now