Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Republicans need to look to their own mental health issues.

They go from being totally pro-life and anti-abortion to being Anti-life and pro-guns



If Americas politicians won’t enact change then I think Americas youth will.


I imagine trump isn’t short of sanctioning something like the kent state shootings.


Indeed - he’s a fucking psychopath


This, at least, gives me hope.


Not something lost on the rest of us of course, but a pretty heavyweight seal of disapproval nonetheless.


But if there were an election tomorrow he would almost certainly win again.





It doesn’t matter what the left think, nor academics, nor other countries, nor the well-educated, nor the moderately intelligent - Trump is the property of large corporate interests who have almost 100% leverage of almost all media, churches and other influencers, and thus have control of the seething masses of highly-credulous “normal” Americans.

Us ~Yurpeens~ forget how different US culture is, most especially how highly-propagandised that culture is. The highly-selective teaching of history, the many rituals of allegiance, the culture of conformity and unquestioning acceptance, the ubiquity of consumerism, the many extraordinary double standards, the loathing of any notion that a civilised, wealthy society should care for its weakest members, the eulogising of uncritical or non-thinking, the prevailing notion that to question authority is unpatriotic, and that being unpatriotic is the worst possible crime a person can commit, complete acceptance that vested interests are OK, the ludicrous idea that having universal access to firearms makes a nation free instead of trapped and fearful… The very insanity of the notion that such a ruthlessly controlled society whose only two so-called “democratic” political institutions are literally owned and paid-for by corporate interests is in ANY way free…

Since the end of the 2WW the US has been as controlled and propagandised as any communist dictatorship, it’s so universal and persistent that they seem to have lost the ability to even discern it - it’s a kind of nation-wide “Stockholm Syndrome”, such that when their own children are gunned-down mercilessly, they just mumble “Muh freedumbs, tho…” and carry-on as if nothing happened.

That’s a more broken society than any anarchistic banana republic - you can understand why people kill one-another when they’re starving and hopeless - 'Murka though… Only brainwashing can make a nation not only passively accept that it enjoys being fucked to death up the arse to make a handful of billionaires richer - not just accept it - but to make a virtue of it, make it the cornerstone of their culture, and invade other nations to inflict it upon them!

I can see no way this can be changed - the last POTUS at least tried, but made absolutely no progress anywhere, and was savagely demonised for trying to help ordinary Americans…


Wordy but essentially true.


True, but not completely of course. Some of the most intelligent, perceptive, philanthropic, wise people I’ve ever met have been Americans. But they are the minority.

I remember watching a documentary once about the relocation of a rhinoceros to a wildlife park where it would be better protected from the almost certain death, by poachers, which faced it where it was. With some effort the team of altruists had managed to get it into a transport cage, but bloody hell was it angry about this. One of the team turned to the camera and said, as a couple of tons of animal smashed itself repeatedly against the cage walls, “There you go. The rhinoceros: the most help-resistant creature on the surface of the earth”. He’d obviously never met the residents of a typical mid-western US town.



Of course, and I could indeed say the same, but I already bang-on for far too long without also including every possible E&OE - ill-informed ranting generalisation is my Schtick, brother :ok_hand:


And probably lived on the east or west coasts


Nuclear Armageddon was our only hope but now North Korea seem to be on a charm offensive.:confused:


Let Trump build the wall - then don’t let anyone out


And because he wasn’t white…


Well I don’t remember him ever playing the race card, so I don’t suppose we should on his behalf either, but it certainly can’t have helped given how institutionalised so much racism is…


I hope they stay angry and vocal for a very fucking long time, Trump and his band of merry NRA cunts bank on the fact these occurrences fade from memory quickly.

Hopefully, as anyone with teenagers knows, they can be angry and sulk for a very long time and will use that to harass these useless cunts into finally doing something about the shite gun laws.


He wasn’t Judeo-Masonic his colour was irrelevant