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Not about Trump but about Paul Ryan but may as well go here


In a nutshell


But Clinton was there when Columbine happened and he made the usual speeches about gun control and fuck all happenend.

it is too entrenched - it is in the fucking Constitution ffs.

Unless there is a another Civil War it ain’t ever gonna get changed.


Actually it is in an amendment to the Constitution that was grossly mis/re-interpreted to bring us to the current situation. The The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution reads:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed

It is the reinterpretation of what constitutes a ‘well regulated militia’ that really set things in train. I think this was in the 1970’s but can’t remember and can’t be arsed to google it. Cue mass ownership of automatic weaponry etc which were far less common previously.

Strangely enough, it appears that the ownership of handguns and assault weapons that are most associated with homicides and suicides. The shotgun and hunting rifle are far less commonly used to do much other than blast holes in wildlife and clay pigeons. I’ll try and dig out the stats at some stage.


Even if they banned guns right now there are so many in circulation it would be a classic case of shutting the door after the horse has bolted.


It’s still worth doing


Dunno Paul. We were in Oz when the Port Arthur thing happened. There was a gun amnesty followed by very strict legislation about ownership and severe penalties for illegal possession. There have been zero massacres since. There were previous massacres (e.g. Hoddle Street). Just takes political will, decent legislation and public support. I was shown the haul taken in by an inner Melbourne police station in the fist month of the amnesty. We are talking truckloads of weapons of all sorts.


Wonder how many prog albums were handed in?


That’s the thing - you start off restricting new sales, then banning sales, than banning guns, and have major amnesties whenever there is a tragedy. You’ll never take them fully out of circulation, but over a generation you can really change attitudes and reduce numbers out there.


Lets face it, it’s not about the precise wording (which is clear and obvious, and wantonly, deliberately misinterpreted by vested interests), the amendment was added to allow for a small, new nation to defend itself from invasion by colonial powers 200 years ago!

It is utterly fucking nonsensical now - if anyone else was killing 33,000 Americans every year, we would see ICBMs criss-crossing the fucking stratosphere, but because it’s Americans doing it . . . . .



Hi middle Murica, even your justifications are peppered in cunt.



Didn’t they effectively copy our bill of rights with the second amendment. From memory ours gave protestants the right to defend themselves with arms or some such, but importantly and also within the rule of law. It is that latter part that i think is still used to restrict and license ownership in the UK.




Firearm deaths in USA




Cant verify the data on these, but a quick search shows similar stats derived by different publishers, so probably not a million miles off,


It’s now justified by its defenders largely on two grounds - first to allow citizens to protect themselves and (increasingly) others against armed criminals, second to allow citizens to kill the government if/when the need arises. I’m actually not joking about the second one. I could name Americans who’ve told me that (one of whom worked for the government !).



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