Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


I don’t want to worry people but he has got a 3d printer and CNC machine…


You should’ve finished the walls of your house before you bought a gun


Why would they need that? It’s not as if they’d be stupid enough to elect a complete and utter moron… Oh, wait!


They’re pretty cool about morons. It’s the smart people that need shooting.




Went well for the Khmer Rouge - certainly a model worth emulating I’d say :+1:



None. I brought them with me :+1:


Need to ask if you were picked on in high school by the cool kids and still bear any ill-feeling? You okay hon?


Yes, yes, and I’ll be just fine soon.


Is that an AR15?




Is it fitted with a bump-stop?


I assume not, not sure I’d have noticed.


You didn’t actually fire it then?


I can’t help but wonder what the response of the NRA would be if someone went on a rampage through their head office slaughtering them with an assault rifle. Such an event is unlikely to happen because Americans don’t really get irony.


Yeah all afternoon, not sure how a bump stop works, I thought it needed a specific technique to let the gun movement drive the trigger. The stock was far too short for my arms as it was.

The owner used it to hunt for feral pigs.


Given the NRA’s general inclinations I suspect that he’d be met with return fire quite quickly and they’d argue that that’s the way to deal with troublemakers.



It’s occurred to me many times that the anti gun folks should join the NRA and attend meetings and use their votes to affect change in policy.


I fear that as soon as anyone suspected the new member was ‘unsound’ he’d be turfed out without having his subscription returned.