Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


You didn’t happen to spend a significant amount of time in Florida, did you?


Wanna see my python skin cowboy boots?


It’s a bump stock and works by allowing the gun to slide back and forth using recoil energy. The trigger finger is effectively held on and your semi auto now becomes a very quick firing semi auto, basically a bloody auto (which are illegal).

Looks like the NRA wont resist bump stocks being made illegal. Won’t change jack shit though.


You’re probably right unfortunately.


I used to work at a gun place. Was full of weirdos


This tactic could be used again against the NRA…


Yeah I understand the concept, I just meant at a range shooting slowly and carefully, not sure it would matter. Having never actually seen a bump stop I’m not sure I’d have recognised it. Like I said, I can’t imagine it was.

He probably had one though, he was quite into things like extended magazines, he had a ppk with a silencer on etc true gun nut.

Well to be honest it was Florida. Almost everyone I knew, worked for me, socialised with had a gun or guns. To hunt, for “self defence” or just target practice at the range. Every town has a range, or five.

Even the most left wing person I knew, a foreign languages teacher who spent many years in Europe, she had guns.

It’s an odd thing to get your head around, very much one of the largest causes of “culture shock” moving there.

I like target sports, I have bows here, so when offered an afternoon at the range by friends, I would go along.

Gun shows are another world.


It’s true. There is no segment of society that doesn’t own guns here and the gun nut (the scary types) are still quite small as a percentage. It’s as normal as owning a TV or a stereo here. I own a .22 rifle, 2 air rifles, a shotgun, and two bows (one compound and one recurve). I don’t hunt but I do like target shooting. And I have no urge to walk around with a gun on me, nor be around people who do and I don’t pretend that having the guns around makes me safer. In fact, I keep them at my brother’s house as he has a proper safe. I do keep the air rifles and bows at my place, though.


The thing about guns is that they’re fucking cool. It’s like smoking. Even when you grow up and know the damage they can do, you still know deep down how cool they are.

If guns were fully legal in this country there would be loads of us with beautiful vintage ones and modern cutting edge ones. We’d have threads on them.


I agree that were they legal there’d be loads in the UK.

Don’t agree about being cool though I see what you’re getting at.


As Jim Jeffries said, Americans have guns because they fuckin’ love 'em. That’s the only argument they have against banning them.


I’m afraid this is true. They love their guns more than their children (or, at least, more than they are concerned about the relatively small risk they think guns pose to their children).



I suppose statistically it is a small risk.

Funny how humans can rationalise anything.


When I lived in Texas a work colleague was very proud to say he’d just given his 5 year old son his first rifle as a birthday present.

Following my response he didn’t talk to me again outside work.


My brother and sister in law live in Virginia. They’ve gone the whole shebang with yankeeism (they’re both English born) . Big fuck off truck, 2off, pistols, rifles and shotguns coming out the wazoo. They bought my 12 year old niece a rifle Christmas just gone.


Nothing to do with Trump, but it is to do with guns

#Oneless is a campaign of legal gun owners destroying their weapons

The video of Scott Pappalardo is on his facebook page and is worth a watch



My sister in law was a teacher at a primary school.

SIL + gun? It would be left at the first point at which she sat down. And forgotten because a child fell over or needed a hug. She was a proper teacher.


Guns are heavily glamorised in fiction and especially films. I don’t find them cool though personally but understand that the image portrayed just reinforces the acceptability in some societies and social groups.