Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


But the Democrats couldn’t win an election where their opponent was Trump. :rofl:

Trump is simly doing and saying exactly what 46.1% of the American electorate voted for, and that’s not just knuckle dragging trailer park trash, it’s some of the most wealthy, successful, powerful, well educated and privileged people as well.

He’ll probably win a second term.:scream:


So he’s easily influenced and manipulated, true presidential (small p) material for the dollar lovers.


He is not the cause of the problem - he is just a patsy for the state of America and it’s the 21st Century.

Just getting rid of him isn’t going to change a thing - would still love to see him assassinated though then he’d be elevated to an all American hero forever.


Isn’t he a bit orange for that? Unless he’s one of those weird Ginsters chicken tikka massala pasties.


How do you agree without liking?


You mustn’t agree with anything that @unclepuncle posts. It’s one of the rules of the AA

Actually, it’s the only rule


There’s a rule?


Just that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m surprised.


Don’t be, I made it up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


For a made up rule, that’s pretty good.


It’s common sense really - rules are for the hard-of-thinking :+1:


That’s fucking amazing.




The NRA have wasted no time on blaming everything on everyone else and making a racket about it.

I utterly abhor what they stand for but you have to admit they are shockingly effective at spreading their vile agenda. They are like a cancer embedded in Murrican society and their grip is unshakable.


Are there any connections with the NRA and the KKK?


I was amazed at the business links from the NRA to normal products, from money off deals and a branded credit card right down to an Insurance Company who offer a policy that covers your costs if you actually do shoot someone.



Hopefully this will escalate…


If you take part in a target sport then insurance is essential.
There are also specialist policies for golf.
They cover you for third party damage, if you hit someone or smash a windscreen in the car park etc, but more importantly they cover your bar bill if you get a hole in one.


Fair enough, but that is not the kind of policy we are talking of:

Insurer Chubb has also dropped cover for NRA Carry Guard insurance, which insures gun owners for legal and other costs if they shoot someone and claim self-defense.

This policy has long been criticised as a way for the NRA to profit from gun owners who are concerned about being accused of murder. There was much cant from the NRA online defending this particular product as they received a cut from every policy sold.