Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


It’s absolutely standard though for insurance to pay a commission for name usage like that


Quite. Look at the policy though and what it is insuring against.


There are several really bizarre aspects to it, for sure, but to me the least bizarre is the NRA getting commission!


Which paid for the donation to the Trump campaign



How many fingers in how many pies have they had / got?


Not so much fingers as tendrils, and they’re in ALL the pies.

They’re going to be running to Dotard, wanting their return on the $30m they’ve invested in him.


He’s already spent it on bathroom fittings



The future…



Improvement. Can do better.


The yanks need to not let this up,hitting these people in the pocket is the best policy.


Big business at one end and millions of angry kids at the other. There is hope !


I found this interesting and scary - gives an impression of how the seemingly reasonable argument about carrying a lethal weapon as a hobby is presented in the US. Bump stock basically turns this into a fully automatic weapon. One of the trauma doctors in the US said that these automatic weapons don’t even need to be accurate to kill because the velocity of the bullets is so high.


I wished he would run in too…


As if the fat cunt can run.



HIGNFY in nearly funny shocker


He’d probably have to go in unarmed, not sure they have a gun suitable for his little hands…