Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


It’s starting to turn into the UKIP Leadership position. Cannot be many people actually willing to do the job left. I imagine SHS would give it a go (badly), but then that also requires finding a new Press Secretary.


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Utah House of Representatives have kindly taken the time to educate people on how Laws are made… Bypass embarrassment, skip through shame and arrive 1 min and 15 seconds later at death by cringe.


The Orange Overlord will not be happy :grin:


Every year , there are 3 days when the number of firearms-related injuries and deaths drops dramatically.

These three days invariably coincide with the NRA’s conference…






Where politics fails, business may succeed:


Would that be Bump-stocks?


Waiting for Donalds tweet regarding the poisoning of the ex Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury, he will of course have the answer - ‘Fake news, my friends would never do anything like that’.


It seems that there might possibly be some connection between Mr Skripal & Christopher Steele which could be interesting.



I hear Trump likes Pussy too.




The salacious nature of this story aside, this is actually important news. As the Russia probe is increasingly becoming a “follow the money” investigation, Trump’s personal fixer for decades Mr. Cohen’s name is looming larger.



I rather liked Portillo’s take on this. If you make the assumption it was Russia who attempted to kill this Russian traitor and his family, the question then becomes why.

Portillo’s view was that it likely signals that British Intelligence has had some recent successes recruiting and turning Russian assets resulting in an Intelligence gathering advantage. The attempted murder being a warning to other Russians who may be tempted to turn, letting them know that the Russian state will exact their revenge on them and their families.

Putin certainly knows the political price to be paid for this and was happy with the bill, so to speak.


He’s ditched Tillerson via Twatter, lol.

Looks like Tillerson shouldn’t have blamed those darned Ruskies for the nerve agent attack in the UK.