Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


He’s got a point, there’s no way the right wing loons will change the gun laws so the kids had better get used to being used for target practice, how to apply a tourniquet and how to triage the injured/dying.


It’ll come to an end economically… Companies like BlackRock are already making noises about withdrawing gun manufacturers and chains of stockists from their funds. One large outdoor sports chain has already stopped selling guns.

Once that picks up pace the industry will be hit massively.


I so hope you are right.





Much better than the posters back in my day





I love the name Stormy. There’d be a feckin hurricane if one of her pneumatic boobs accidentally got pierced. :tornado:


Nah, it’s all a storm in a D cup…



I was watching that sipping my morning coffee, honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The rest of the panel try to give him a chance to back off, and he just kept digging the hole deeper.


Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling assault rifles, not all guns.








Malloch is a full-on loon. Absolutely and utterly hatstand with a healthy dash of charlatan thrown in. The article point out the following fibs in Malloch’s autobiography:

he was a fellow at Wolfson and Pembroke colleges at Oxford, that he had once been called a “genius” by Margaret Thatcher, and that he was the “first” to coin the phrase “thought leadership”

This is the thin end of it. I would argue strongly that his description of himself as a ‘policy wonk’ is wrong on many grounds especially the omission of an ‘a’ and incorrect inclusion of an ‘o’ in ‘wonk’.