Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Should it be an ‘i’?


Not if you want to spell wank correctly.




Fuck sakes. That picture has been posted more times than Rodney Gold’s listening room. :slight_smile:


What? This one? :scream:



No. This one…


Please accept my apologies, I thought this was the one he was referring to.IMG-20180327-WA0009


This is turning into Private Eye and that O’Neill photo with Pamella Bordes


At least you didn’t post this one from 16 days ago:

You might have looked like a right cunt otherwise.


Yes Olan, I would’ve looked a total knobend :tired_face: Luckily I think this is the one I posted :thinking: Please correct me if I’m wrong though.



OK. In this case it looks kosher. I’ve notified the Pedantry Patrol, Grammar Police, Spelling Nazis, Hinge Force and the Hot Cross Bun Oversight Committee in case of any further transgressions.

The International Society of Cartridge Vandals aren’t answering the phone though so perhaps you should put the safety mittens on.


FFS. It’s Grammar Nazis and the Spelling Police!

Pfft, some people


Many thanks for the conformation, please accept the following image for your personal use :heart:IMG-20180327-WA0009


You can expect trouble for spreading fake news and rumours. That kind of behaviour is usually associated with margarine spreading and marmite smearing, so expect the HCBOC to send out BunStazi to fix you up, you deviant!



I have a special license from the Home Office to spread anything I desire. The training for this was arduous but I prevailed in the end.

Under certain conditions I’m even permitted to spread dripping. Although I’m not allowed to discuss this openly.


What conditions? Failure to deploy reinforced gusset and tena for men leaks and dripping?


I cannot speak of it. My license will be revoked very quickly.

I must now continue to spread paint on walls or the local management will withdraw privileges.




I didn’t think you were that old.