Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Raised on dripping, my old man used to make bread and dripping after every roast dinner.


Fried bread done in beef dripping



Old? I had bread and beef dripping as a kid as well (on toast not plain bread though)


Me too.


Anything fried in beef dripping mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


When we have them, which is only about once every 3-4 weeks, we still make our chips in a traditional chip pan and use beef dripping. Nothing comes close.


How Middle Class of you.


Used to toast the bread because it was stale, my parents were massively skint in the 70’s

The other one I remember was pigs cheeks (nice) and my mum used to make brawn from what was left over plus trotters.

Lambs hearts were my favourite though.


How offal photo 19-2-eck25-1.gif


I’m not that old and I still got beef dripping on toast as a kid. Mostly from my grandmother.

Annoyingly the French trim the fat heavily off roasting joints, so we don’t tend to be able to make it ourselves. Thankfully pork rillettes works rather well as an alternative.


I still eat lambs hearts now, love em!

Getting harder to find now though.


It would be better if the rabbit was POTUS.



Yep, stuffed :heart_eyes:

I love dripping too (can you tell?) especially the dark jelly bit underneath :yum:


Liver and bacon mmmmmmm!


Oh yes :heart_eyes:

The French love their offal. I draw the line at andouillette though.The first time I went to the Le Mans 24 (bikes of course) with some mates, we saw these big bangers on a griddle at one on the food stalls, so we all ordered one. :weary:


Fatal Error! Andouillette is revolting stuff.


fxt because heathens.


:flushed: Arghhhh, my bruv likes eating pig intestines…:grimacing:


Truth is I’ll eat anything…once.
I have no psychological barrier to trying ANY food. If I try and I don’t like it, fair enough I probably won’t eat it again.

I just happen to love offal in all it’s forms.


Even that which smells like a trump?

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