Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


I’ve never smelled Trump (although I’ve obvs smelled a trump)

Do you know conclusively he smells like a trump - have you spoken with PD to confirm?


Andouillettes are lovely. Had one recently at Lyon airport, served with pommes lyonnaise and Dijon mustard, yum.



ha - my reference was to incontinence, not a food…


We had bread and dripping as kids we also had Tripe and for afters Tapioca. I didn’t eat either.


I imagine a heady combination of something like Hai Karate/English Leather/Brut 33 and McDonalds.


For all those suffering from nostalgia for pauper food I suggest they buy a pack of this and thinly slice on bread or toast.

After all


“Issued by The Lard Information Council” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lard is all.
Lard is divine.
Lard is in control.



Great song :grinning:


Praise The Lard !!!


Lard is better than Sunflower oil for cooking. It has no Trans fats, lower in Saturated fats than Butter and higher in Mono fats like Olive oil. It is good for a healthy heart.


Back on topic:
The chap on the right reminds me of someone. Can’t quite place him…


Bloody gorgeous! My Nan used to make the bestest in the world.


One of the best meals I’ve ever had was stewed donkey cheek at a restaurant in Verona. 10 years ago & I still remember the flavour :yum:


Have a word with yourself :unamused:


Tripe and onions fantastic, win all round!