Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Stupid twimage not embedding…





Looks like he had another spectacular and weird Twitter meltdown yesterday.

I’d really love to know what goes through Robert Mueller’s head when he reads what Trump posts.



Kanye West has just had his Gary Glitter moment.




July 13th has been announced as National Shout At An Orange Cunt With Small Hands and Nylon Hair Day. Apparently the celebrations will center on Windsor and Chequers.

FTW, Brexit, Windrush, all the other shit and now Trump is coming here. What next?



That’s the last day of a visit here by my brother and his family from the US of A. I may be taking them to Heathrow for their return flight, so I might fit a bit of public disorder in on my way home. How very convenient :grin: !



Give him the finger


I think that is a breach of the law, whereas civil disobedience is simply frowned upon. I am all for a reenactment of the Poll Tax Disturbances (Riots according to Mrs T) just for old times’ sake.

Maximum disobedience!!


This is Graham.
Anything less than a humongous death ray laser and I will be disappointed.


I may well go and protest for old times sake. Haven’t been on a demonstration in at least 20 years.


I heard he was visiting Liverpool to be bestowed with an honoury doctorate


Don’t forget the zimmer and a bag of werthers original


Ha! Good thinking. And there better be plenty of benches along the way.




I would not be surprised. The standards at Hope are very low…:smirk: