Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Presumably Kane would still claim it, even if it was awarded to DT


I didn’t realise you could be nominated. Surely if what you’ve done is so insignificant that your mates have to write in, because otherwise the Nobel committee might not notice it, then your chances can’t be strong. If Donald follows the usual line though he’ll let it be known on Twitter in the next day or two that any country who puts up an alternative candidate can expect their US aid to be stopped and tariffs slapped on whatever they might export. And as for Sweden, well the Red Army could be through Finland in no time at all if brother Vladimir was so inclined …



I’m sure that Mr. Pootin aka as shitbucket or ATOC’s aid will put a good word in for Orangeman, novichok is a potent persuader.


I reckon that Trump lying about the $130k paid to Stormy Daniels will be what gets him impeached.


This is just too good


The US Air Force killed millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Loatians to force North Vietnam to the bargaining table and they gave one to Henry Kissinger, so . . .


Maybe but the couldn’t in WW2.



Tea Pain makes for quite an interesting Twitter feed. Not the sort of person I was expecting from some of his comments.


Donald J. Trump

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Going to Dallas (the GREAT State of Texas) today. Leaving soon!


:pray: (it’s pish when you can’t find a snipers rifle emoji)


Donald looking for nominations to be the Yellow Rose if his Nobel prize fails to materialise ?





Looks like a water pistol. The only thing that would do would be to make his orange run


Apparently to address the NRA’s annual meeting there. Mike Pence will be speaking too. That’s an awful lot of crap heaped up in one place.



perhaps @Gyroscope or @Ijrussell could make a few code changes in google maps to swap the long/lat coordinates for Syria with the NRA convention centre in Dullas.


Needs @browellm and his rodding kit.


I wonder if he will make a new deal, or just fuck the whole thing up. Answers on a post card please.


Excellent, more division please


I’d love a mini Trump, the things you could make him do…